These are the best productivity apps available for Android

These are our top Android apps to improve productivity through focus timers, to-do lists and other tools.

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Klima – Live carbon neutral

No cost + an optional monthly donation

There are many ways to help the environment. Climate is designed to simplify the process and ensure that you live a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

This is done by asking you questions about your lifestyle such as your diet, driving habits, frequency and distance, and then it calculates your annual carbon footprint. It then offers you the opportunity to fund projects that offset this, such as planting trees or solar power, or social impact projects.

The Klima app calculates a monthly cost to offset your carbon footprint. You can fund any of them.

The app tracks how much you offset over time. It also details how many trees you have planted, how many solar energy kWh you’ve produced and how your money is having a positive social impact (at the moment, that’s providing clean stoves).

You can also see areas where you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking your own actions such as shopping less and going vegan. There are tools that can help you save the environment, regardless of how much you spend.

Duet Display


Duet display allows you to use your Android phone or tablet as an additional screen for your Mac or PC. You can launch both the Duet Display Android app and the Duet Desktop app. The latter will detect your tablet or phone and convert it to an additional screen for your computer.

This second screen can be used to control your desktop using taps or gestures. It doesn’t matter if your Mac or PC isn’t touchscreen.

You can also use it without wires. However, you can connect via USB if desired. Although it’s not cheap at $19.99/PS19.49 this app does something that no other app we know can.


Twobird, a new app for email, offers a space to take notes and a built-in todo list. It also allows you to create tables. It’s possible to collaborate on notes, nest them in emails and leave comments for others – the best part is that Twobird doesn’t even require it.

Twobird’s email focus is still intact. It does a great job at that. Twobird has a simple interface, but many tools that can be used if needed. For example, you can set a reminder to reply to an email and have it appear in your inbox at a convenient time.

The Android app is well-designed, easy to use and offers more features than one might think. The app supports multiple email addresses but only Gmail is supported. Twobird is worth a look if you use Gmail and enjoy the idea of having all your notes and emails in one place.

Yahoo Mail

Free + a monthly or yearly subscription

Yahoo Mail is probably not your preferred email service, but you shouldn’t ignore the Yahoo Mail application, which works well with other email services and is extremely powerful.

Highlights include being able see all files you have ever received in one place. You can also view all mailing lists that you are subscribed to and unsubscribe to any you do not want.

You can view receipts and see mail from people, rather than companies or robots. There are many customization options, such as changing the theme for each email account, and customizing what you do when you swipe left or right on a message.

All this is included in the Android app for free. However, you can remove ads by paying $0.99/PS0.89 per monthly or $9.99/PS8.99 annually.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a slow-moving app, but it’s now one of the most popular Android apps.

It looks much better than ever, thanks to fully-colorable backgrounds that can be customized and the polished overall appearance that you would expect from an app made by Microsoft.

It’s also a good idea to make lists. You can organize lists, determine whether entries should be kept hidden or struck through, and then assign important tasks to each list.

You can also access a section called “My Day” that helps you to focus on the tasks you need to complete in the next 24hrs.

You can sort each list alphabetically, due date, importance, or creation date. You can share a list or create collaborative lists. Wunderlist is also available for import.

Tracking your expenses is simple

Tracking expenses: Simple Tracker makes it easy and quick to track expenses. To add an expense to the account, tap the “Add Expense” button. This will include the amount, currency (though it is possible to choose a default currency so that you only need to change it when you use another currency), and the date the expense occurred.

Optional notes and tags can be added to your invoices. These are created by you. This can be used to group your expenses into separate categories such as ‘bills’ and ‘groceries. If an expense falls into more than one category, you can attach multiple tags.

The main screen of Expenses is Simple Tracker. This will give you an overview of all your expenses. The screen displays your total expenses, along with a list below, sorted alphabetically. You can choose to only see expenses for the current day, week, or month. You can also filter by tags. You can filter by tags if you want to only see socializing expenses.

It is not possible to connect a bank account with the Android app. This is both a blessing as well as a curse. Although it simplifies the process, you still have to enter each expense manually. It’s easy to use and free. You won’t have to pay extra for the app.


Monthly Subscription for Free + $2.99 (roughly PS2.45)

Checketry allows you to monitor and manage the downloads happening on your computer, right from your smartphone.

Android apps can access Chrome and Firefox downloads (with the correct browser plugins), manage torrents, and even control Steam downloads.

The free version allows you to view the current, queued, and completed downloads. However, you can upgrade for a monthly, yearly, or annual subscription. You can pause, cancel, and access remote desktop tools such as the ability shut down your computer from afar.

This is a great tool for anyone who leaves downloads open on their PCs while they are not there. It is well worth the download, even if it’s free.


Crono allows you to view all your smartphone notifications and reply to messages from Chrome.

Install the Android app on the phone and the Chrome extension to your computer. Next scan a QR code similar to how WhatsApp Web logs you in. Your messages will appear in your browser.

However, you won’t just be able to send WhatsApp messages. Emails, SMS messages and other chat applications are also supported. You can reply to messages as well as replies to them. You can also view your calendar notifications and any running timers, as well as all other happenings on your phone.

Crono allows you to reject calls from your browser, ring your phone and even ring it, which is useful if your phone has been lost. Crono also sends all notifications with end-to-end encryption so they are secure.