When it comes to marketing and promoting a haunted home, there are many questions. What should your radio advertisement for haunted houses promote? What are your customers’ hot buttons? What is it that will get them to line up at your house for hours just so they can wander around your haunt in a fraction of what it took before?

These are valid questions in relation to marketing a haunted home. Most haunts ignore these questions and assume people will come regardless of what. While this may work for a while, it could mean that you are stuck in an expensive, spooky building for the next month. You should look around at the market every year to see what people are looking for in your area.

The answer to the question of what radio commercials should you promote is simple. Make your message stand out. Make a compelling story about the theme. Then, offer people a great deal to come in. This will make it more likely that they listen to your radio station. It’s that simple. Too often, people overlook this crucial point and create a poor offer, air it too rarely and use commercials that have little or no “scare” appeal. Scariest haunted house in Ohio

There are two major hot buttons when it comes to customers. They want to be afraid. They want good value. Both of these must be met. Your commercial message should convey how frightening your haunt is. This can be done using the haunted-house radio commercial to tell a brief story about the haunts’ “theme”. You can then tell them what a deal it is to go there! You are offering two for one (or something similar) on Thursday, while everyone else charges a lot to get in. Make it a great deal. You won’t get 15% off and it will waste your time. Don’t be afraid to go big or not make any offer at all.

These are the steps to get people lined up to ask to be allowed into your haunt. You need to start working on your message before the leaves begin to fall. This will make it difficult to concentrate on the most important part of your haunted home advertising plan.