Roblox has revealed its top games, and each one has been played over a billion times.

Roblox’s games can be accessed in its virtual world. They have attracted a large audience of mostly teenage and young people with 100,000,000 monthly active users across 200 countries. These fans spend over a billion hours per month in the Lego-like online gaming universe.

Roblox users are 50% more likely to play with friends than they are alone.

These are the rankings:

  • MeepCity — 4.5 Billion plays (Roblox calls these “visits”)
  • Jailbreak — 3.1 Billion plays
  • Adopt Me 3.0 billion plays
  • Royale High — 2.4 Billion plays
  • Murder Mystery 2 — 2.0 Billion plays
  • Pizza Place – 1.9 billion plays
  • Bloxburg is home to 1.4 billion plays
  • Prison Life — 1.2 Billion plays
  • Flee the Facility — 1.1 Billion plays
  • Super Hero Tycoon – 1.0 billion plays

Here’s a description of the ten most popular Roblox games (as of November 2019,):


MeepCity, which was released in 2016 by Alexnewtron and was the first Roblox game that received more than one billion visits. You can chat with millions of MeepCity users, play different games, earn coins and customize your estate. Roblox claims Alex still uses MeepCity to this day because he believes it’s super-important that people understand why they love it. To get insight into user experience, he uses multiple accounts and interacts with everyone.

In a statement, he said, “We have a smaller team, but we work together to design ideas and content that is based on how people use MeepCity.” We saw that players enjoyed roleplaying in the pizza shack so we added an ice cream parlor to the mix. The community loved it!


Above: Jailbreak was played 3.1 million times on Roblox.

Jailbreak is currently in its fourth season. Jailbreak was voted the best game by the Roblox features community in the 2019 Bloxy Award. You can either organize a robbery, stop criminals from escaping or work with your friends to plan the ultimate raid. You can choose to play the role of a criminal, which means you will need to escape prison. Or you could become a cop and stop the criminal from fleeing.

Alex Balfanz created Jailbreak along with another developer (who would like to remain anonymous) and shared their story in a recent interview. They said that Jailbreak was “exploded” after they released it in early 2017, and then continued to work on it after school. You can also play Jailbreak offline with Jailbreak toys and sets. Developers who have their names mentioned in Roblox toys get a share of the profits.

Adopt me!

Above: Adopt Me Roblox has seen 3.0 billion plays on Roblox.

Adopt Me! launched earlier this year. Adopt Me! broke new ground by attracting thousands of concurrent users (over 500,000 at one time, which is a record on Roblox) when it was updated with a new feature: adopting pets. You’ll find over 100,000 people playing together almost every time you visit this site: designing their homes, adopting pets, exploring Adoption Island and many other activities.

Bethink (Creative Director) and NewFissy(tech director) have been playing Roblox for years. However, it was only a few years ago that they began to experiment with game development. Adopt Me! Adopt Me! was a huge success. They made it in 2017. Every new release comes with a new pet to adopt, including the turkeys in Thanksgiving Update and bees.

Royale High

Above: Royale High was played more than 2.4 billion times.

Do you remember your prom in high school? Royale High is the place for you if you love to dress up and show off all your amazing creations to friends. Join thousands of others playing at once, make new friends, and discover new places with new content.

Callmehbob is the creator of this unique experience. Roblox claims that she has half-a-million friends and followers. Callmehbob is a “girlie girl”, who loves pink as much as anything (as she describes herself). She started playing the game when she was 12 years old and was thrilled to see avatars with female bodies.

In order to make a place where she could dress up and play role-play, she decided to learn Roblox Studio. It took only a few weeks before hundreds of people discovered Royale High and started playing it. Then it was thousands, and then eventually millions. Today, a group of passionate fans creates beautiful items for Royale High. In the future, the creator believes people will be able to start their own businesses, such as their own clothing shops, or even their own currencies.

Callmehbob stated that they have not yet tapped into any of this. She also said that she and her team plan to continue working on Royale High for many years.

Murder Mystery 2

Above: Murder Mystery 2 was played 2 billion times.

Can you solve the mystery, and make it through each round? Nikilis created this unique experience. It was first released on Roblox in 2014. Since then, multiple updates have been made. This game proved that you don’t need to create huge (in terms of architecture and feature scope) games to attract millions of players. Each round begins with an Innocent role. Innocents hide from the murderer and use their detective skills to uncover the Murderer. The Sheriff assists the Innocents because only they can defeat the murderer.

Before Murder Mystery, Nikilis was familiar with the platform and had played in a few fan groups. But he didn’t anticipate the experience would be so popular. In a statement, he said that he was testing the gameplay mechanics along with some friends but they weren’t interested. So I decided to sit alone on a server and post the link on my group walls. I was able to fill one server and went to sleep. It was a huge game with thousands of players when I woke up.

Work in a Pizza Place

Above: The game Work at a Pizza Place was played 1.9 billion times.

It was so much fun to work at a pizza shop! This roleplaying game, which was launched in 2008, is still a popular one on Roblox. Other Roblox creators such as Callmehbob claim it was a favorite before she came up with her own ideas. Roblox users can learn how to run a pizza shop by playing this game. There are pizza orders you can fulfill and money that you can spend on upgrades. You can add more decorative items to your house as you play more. You can choose to be a pizza boxer, cashier, delivery man, pizza chef or supplier and you will receive detailed job instructions. You can also change your job at any time.

Developer Dued1 stated that the idea for the game was born while working as a bagger in a grocery store. I was a bag boy and learned the concept of an assembly line. Someone would place the food on the shelf, someone would scan it, and then the bagger would get the food into a bag. That was what I wanted to do in a game.

He believes that the key to the game’s success is the opportunity to socialize and work together towards a common goal.


Above: Welcome to Bloxburg was played 1.4 million times.

Welcome to Bloxburg was created by Coeptus in 2014. He is currently a student at university and prefers to keep his real identity private. You can design and build a house, buy cool cars, meet friends, play roleplay or explore Bloxburg with your earnings.

In interviews, Coeptus stated that although he didn’t have any programming experience before discovering Roblox, he was very interested in video games and computers. The number of users grew quickly after he launched Welcome to Bloxburg. It saw 20 people play the game in its first days and then thousands more a few weeks later. Players began sharing their experience on social media, uploading videos on YouTube and posting them on YouTube. The game has been a huge success since then. Coeptus has been in business for five years and is now focusing on Welcome to Bloxburg. This includes improving the experience, updating the site, and staying in touch with the players.

Prison Life

Above: Prison Life has already been seen 1.2 billion times.

Prison Life was created in 2014. It has a prison theme and gained thousands of loyal fans. In 2016, the game was awarded the Bloxy for having the highest number of concurrents and mobile visitors. The Aesthetic developer started college in 2017 and didn’t have much time for the game. Roblox announced that he is putting more emphasis on the game and expects to release exciting updates in the coming months.

Leave the Facility

Above: Flee from the Facility has been played over 1.1 billion times.

The Beast first appeared on Roblox in 2017. It quickly caught the attention of Roblox players who were trying to escape it. The goal is to escape or hide from the beast. It is intense! One player is a killer who hunts down survivors. The other players are survivors running for their lives and must work together to unlock the exits. MrWindy, a university student who loves to make games, is the game’s creator. It has hundreds of thousands of fans.

Super Hero Tycoon

Above: Super Hero Tycoon was played more than a billion times.

Who wouldn’t love to be a superhero? You don’t have to wait any longer, you can get a cape in Super Hero Tycoon and become a superhero and grow your base to an incredible size. Hiddo is a Dutch developer who created the game in 2016. He has almost 200K subscribers to his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel only features one video: the Super Hero Tycoon trailer. This shows how popular his game is and how involved Roblox users are.