RAID SHADOW GENDS is an Android app with a Plarium release on 02/26/2019. Game Type: Role-Playing. We have compiled a list of pumping tips from top players and developers, as well as “answers for gamers” questions from developers, guide for new players, and other secrets to help you pass the game. Attention! The Wise Geek website keeps being updated. Please visit us often.

RAID: Shadow Legends- Hyde for the most powerful heroes

A general guide for the heroes

Pumping heroes and collecting them is the game’s main objective. It is your goal to build and select a great team in order to pass the Company, the Underground, and be a leader of the Arena. There are many heroes in the game. Each one has a different meaning. Some are useful for further development of powerful characters while others can easily pass through the company on their own. Others are coolest in Arena. There are several factions that can be divided up the Champions:

  • Banner
  • High elves
  • Holy Order.
  • Barbarians.
  • Ogrin tribes
  • Lizardmen.
  • Werewolves.
  • Orcs.
  • Demons
  • There are many undead.
  • Dark Elves.
  • The Departed.

The game now has twelve factions. However, they don’t affect the character’s characteristics. This is part of the game history. Fractional membership determines whether you can wear special attributes. A representative of a different faction cannot accept an item that belongs to one race. This attribute, which is special costume jewelry that influences the characteristics of the hero wearing it, acts as an additional factor.

Elements. Additional characters are sub-divided into the elements. There are four elements in RAID: Shadow Legends.

  • Magic.
  • Spirit.
  • Strength
  • Dark.

The first three elements are interrelated. Magic beats Spirit, the Spirit defeats the Force, and Magic predominates over Force. The Darkness is in the middle of the triangle, and it has no weaknesses against any other elements. The development of a character can be affected by poems. Each character can improve their skills through the use of potions. The Underground has spontaneous towers that allow you to obtain potion. To improve his skills, a player must obtain the potion for his element.

Rare. Characters are still separated by rarity.

  • Ordinary These heroes are most often found at the Call or dropped out in the Company. One star and one active skill. Gray frames are used to indicate characters. These characters can increase the level of rarer characters.
  • Unusual is marked with a green frame. Two stars. These heroes are pumped to increase the stardom of the most prominent characters. You can start the game by going through the Company.
  • They are often the easiest way to make food (donate to the development of) others heroes. They possess 2 active skills.
  • Rare – marked by a blue frame These can be appealed or knocked out by the Company. You should have 3-4 skills. Some of them can be pumped to get 5-6 stars (if you need food). At least 3 stars
  • Epic Drop out of Summoning (from Ancient or Dark Shards), and are given as rewards. They can also be collected (drained). These heroes excel in the Arena and the Dungeons. They are able to use 3-4 skills and have 4 stars. They are marked with a purple frame. Some can only be used as food.
  • Legendary- Marked with an orange frame, they have 5 stars and 3 to 4 skills. These have the highest rates at first. They can be obtained through the Sacred Shard and the Merger. They can be used in all types of game activities.
  • The class. Each character has its role in the game. The class of the characters determines which attacks they can perform. The player can select the equipment for champions by choosing their class. There are three classes to the game:
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Attack.
  • Health.

RAID: Shadow Legends: The Best Rare Heroes

They are versatile and can be used in all kinds of activities. They are skilled at removing dungeons.

Cold Heart This item belongs to the Dark Elves faction. It is a member of the class Attack and element – Darkness. It is extracted from fragments. Element – Darkness She is proficient in 3 skills

  • Attacks random targets with a flurry of arrows 4 times For 2 turns, a 100% penalty can be imposed.
  • Pain shock – massive attack. A Penalty Penalty is possible with 30% of the cases. For 2 turns, if an opponent has a Cure Penalty she will impose a 5% poison.
  • Heart Bowler attacks 1 target and resets the enemy’s Speed Scale. You have a +30% chance of getting a critical hit. The skill is dependent on the health of your hero. A higher attack will result.

The High Elves faction has the healer. It is extracted from fragments. Element – Magic.Has 4 skills:

  • Shooting- The hero attacks random targets 3 times.
  • Consolation – Heals an ally by 35% (treatment may be critical).
  • Last hit gives you 30% bonus for 2 turns. This increases the speed of your team by 15%.
  • Aura – Increases Alliant Defense in Undergrounds by 21%

Marquis, a Demon from the class Protection. It is extracted from fragments. Element – Darkness Has 4 skills:

  • Spit attacks the enemy. Critical damage – imposes a 15% penalty rate on the target.
  • Infernal The skill grants the Counter-attack, Regeneration and 15% skills for 2 turns.
  • Chilling strikes a huge skill that has a 35% chance to impose a Dream in 1 turn. This penalty cannot be removed.
  • Aura increases the health of the Allies of the Force during all battles by 18%
  • The holder of the class Protection is the Dark Elf. It is extracted from fragments. Element – Darkness There are three skills.
  • When hits the enemy in two , there’s a 40% chance the hero will be pinned on the enemy. For 2 turns, the defense penalty is 30%
  • Decisive Stand – Heals the hero up to 40% of his maximum health and gives counterattack for two turns.
  • Hypnosis: Attacks the enemy and reduces their progress by 50%. If the scale is empty then you can impose an opponent on Sleep.

Revoglas belongs to the faction the Ogrin Tribe. Class – Support, element – Darkness. It is obtained from fragments. Three skills are available to him that are appropriate for the Arena.

  • Depreciation, which is a huge skill (it’s important in a counterattack if you put counter-attack skills on him), has a probability 20% and imposes a Block non-basic skill on 1 turn.
  • A powerful roar This skill is again massive and carries a Fine rate 15% for 2 turns.
  • Clear attack This is a huge attack and there is a 75% chance that the enemy will be held hostage. Fine attack at 25% for 2 turns. Plus, 75% chance to hang. A penalty of protection of 30% for the 2 turns.

Bat is a Horde faction of Undead. Class – Health. Element – Darkness. It is obtained from fragments. It is important to dress the character in Health. Skills

  • Attacks the opponent with piercing claws. For 2 turns, there is a 25% chance of putting a penalty for accuracy of 50%.
  • Furious cry increases the team’s speed by 30%. They also get a protection bonus of 60% for two turns.
  • Shelter – massive skill. The hero is granted a Shield that grants 30% of maximum health and lasts for 2 turns. The greater the hero’s health, the more damage they can do. This passive ability is not available.

RAID: Shadow Legends: The best epic heroes

These characters are not Tops in Arena or other activities. These are cool and versatile characters that can help you get through the Clan boss’ activity. When they interacted with the Clan boss, they performed well in Arena.

Zargala belongs to the Orc faction. Class – Attack. Element – Darkness. It is obtained from the fragments. It is recommended that you wear sets of critical chance and critical damage. She is skilled in four skills:

  • Chop – Attacks the target and, for 1 turn, inflicts Weakness with a 50% chance.
  • Devastation When attacking the target, if the enemy is killed, then the skill Breaking Armor activates.
  • Armor rift – massive attack 3 times. A penalty of 60% is imposed after the second attack, which has a probability of 50%.
  • Aura increases accuracy by 40 for allies in all combats

Tyrerel belongs to the High Elves faction. Class – Defense. Element – Magic. It is taken from the fragments.Recommended kits – critical chance / critical damage. He is proficient in four skills:

  • Attacks the enemy 2 times. Pacification A hit with a probability greater than 40% results in a penalty attack of 50% that lasts for 2 turns. Tyrell deals more damage the higher his defense is.
  • Singing Steel is a major attack. A penalty of 60% is imposed for 2 turns when the target has a 75% chance of being attacked. Cast Sleep for 1 turn if the target has an Attack Penalty.
  • Attacks the enemy with a preemptive strike Target speed is reduced by 50% The target gets a Stun for 2 turns if the scale is decreased to 0.
  • Aura increases allies’ protection in all battles by 25%
  • The Trapper, a faction in the Undead Horde. Class – Protection, element-Magic. It is obtained from fragments. It is recommended that you have three sets of speed artifacts. There are four skills that he can use to help him in battle:

Attack your opponent two times. You can provoke your opponent once per turn with a chance of 25%

Fair wind – Fills speed scales with 30%. Invokes an Alliance Bonus attack of 50% in 2 turns. The hero then walks again.

  • Dark Blood – When the Catcher sustains critical damage, he receives 20% of his health and his allies are rewarded with a Protection Bonus of 60% for two turns.
  • Aura increases the defense of allies within the Arena by 30%
  • Thallium is a warrior with some universal skills. It has skills very similar to Ethel. Faction – Sacred Order, class- Attack, element-Magic. It is extracted from the fragments. Skills

Battle- Attacks the enemy three times

  • Eternal Service – This gives a hero 25% bonus attack and 30% critical chance bonus for 2 turns. After that, it attacks all its enemies.
  • Activation gives the hero an opportunity to counterattack for 2 turns. A Hero with a 75% chance of success is made to suffer 25% for 2 turns.
  • Aura increases your chance of getting a critical hit in Dungeons.

Skull – fraction Ogrinov tribe, class – Defense element – Strength. It is extracted from the fragments. For speed, it is best to have him take 3 sets. He is proficient in three skills

  • Crushing blow- Attacks the enemy, if defense is lower than the Skullbreak, 50% penalty is applied.
  • Stone Wall – Imposes an Allied Shield against the Allies of 50% for 2 turns. For 2 turns, Imposes an entire team (except himself), to counterattack. For 1 turn, you gain invulnerability
  • Passive skill – reduces fines’ duration by 1 turn at the start of each turn.
  • Crimson Mask belongs to the Dark Elves faction. It is a class – Defense, element-Spirit. It is made from fragments. Has 4 skills:
  • Attack the foe with a 30% chance. This will impose a 50% attack penalty for 1 turn.
  • Battle Attacks random targets four times A provocation is imposed on one turn with a probability 75% For 1 turn, imposes a damage block upon itself

To fight! – imposes upon allies the Revival, Bonus of Protection of 60% for 2 turns.

  • Aura increases the health of allies within the Undergrounds by 33%
  • Steel skull belongs to the faction called the werewolves. Class – Support, element – Spirit. It is extracted from the fragments. For speed, it is best to place it in two sets. He is proficient in three skills.
  • Attacks the enemy 2 times. Decomposition A poison of 5% is imposed for 2 turns with a probability of 10%
  • Purification- Removes all penalties from the chosen ally. Health of the selected ally is restored to 40%

Protection – imposes upon allies a bonus protection of 60% for two turns. Restores 20% maximum health for all allies

  • Vrask is a member of the Orcs faction. It belongs to the Orcs faction. It is extracted from fragments. If possible, it is best to collect him with a 100% chance of getting a critical hit. Has 4 skills:
  • A blow from your shoulder – Attacks the enemy during a critical strike, filling its speed scale with 20%
  • Lightning strike- Attack on the Enemy
  • Cannibalism – When a hero hits a critical hit, it heals his allies for 10% of their maximum health.

Aura – Increases Alliant Defense in Dungeons by 333%

  • Alyura is a member of the Demons faction. It has class – Attack and element – Magic. It is extracted from fragments. Has 3 skills:
  • Mental attack – attacks random opponents 3 times. Each critical strike decreases the speed of the target by 25%.
  • Temptation attacks all enemies 2 times. A hit with a probability 30% results in a 30% penalty on the next turn. A penalty of protection is imposed on the opponent to impose a dream for one turn.
  • Hellfire Attacks the enemy, critical strike opportunity + 30% Target defense ignored by 50%
  • Paydma is representative of the Demons. Class – Protection, element – Darkness. She has three skills:
  • Torment: Attack on the enemy two times. The Attack Penalty for critical attacks with a probability of at least 85% is 50% and lasts for 2 turns.
  • The tormenting of the flesh can be a severe attack. For 2 turns, it imposes a penalty for accuracy of 50% with a probability of 35%
  • Assignment Attack on the enemy Takes away all bonuses and removes them from the opponent.

RAID: Shadow Legends – The Best Legendary Heroes

You must swing the bat if a player falls to a legendary hero. Legendary characters have higher initial indicators than epic. All heroes are destroyed by the Portal’s fragments or merge into one another.

Black Knight is a member of the Bannerta faction. Class – Health, element-Strength. Skill:

  • A strong blow – An attack on the enemy. A critical strike is when a provocation is imposed on 1 turn. This protects the knight’s weaker allies against the strike.
  • Closed Mirror – Allies are subject to 15% regeneration Protection bonus 30% for two turns.
  • Last breathe – A massive attack. The more damage done to the hero, it does more.
  • Valor – A hero who takes damage that exceeds 30% and is unable to take further damage, gains Invulnerability for 1 round.
  • The equipment should be suitable for vampirism and increased health points.

Septimus is a member of the Bannerta faction. It’s a class – Attack and an element – Spirit. Skill:

  • Execution attacks the enemy. If the target dies the “Holy Sword” skill reloads and the hero can walk again.
  • Holy sword attacks the enemy. Ignore Damage Block and Shield. The target’s maximum health is greater than the damage it can do.
  • Giant killer – Each attack with a 30% probability extends penalties for targets for 1 turn. All damage is increased 30% if the enemy has less than 50% health.

Aura – Increases the Allies attack in all combats by 23%

  • Baron is a member of the Bannerta faction. He has class – Attack and element – Darkness. His skills make it possible for him to make the battle both joyful and sad for his opponent.
  • Attack on the enemy. Trample The residual damage to the target is transferred to the other opponents if the target dies. Open the Skill of the Heavens secret skill for 1 turn with a 10% probability
  • Bounce Attacks the enemy. On 2 turns, a penalty of 60% is imposed. This penalty is permanent. This skill unlocks the Skill of the Heavens secret skill with a 20% chance of success.
  • True Onslaught – Attacks the enemy. The more bonuses a hero has, it does more damage. With a chance of 40%, you can open the Skill of the Heavens skill in 1 turn.
  • The skypiercer can be used to attack all enemies. Pure damage. You can ignore Shield or Block damage.
  • Aura – Increases the Allies attack by 23% in all combats.
  • Roshkar is one of the most skilled fighters in the Arena. He belongs to Holy Order faction, class Health, element Magic. His skills can be useful to allies.
  • Reprimand Attack on the Enemy A 50% chance of removing a random bonus from your target.
  • Recovery Attack on the enemy. This superimposes a block non-basic skills as well as a block bonus for 2 turns. This penalty is almost impossible to resist.
  • Stronghold: – Inflicts 2 turns of damage on allies
  • Aura increases allies’ health by 33% in all combat situations.
  • The hero should dress for speed so that he can go first and save the team from any damage.

Rev – belongs to the Sacred Order. It is a class – Protection and an element – Spirit. This hero can be useful in any kind of battle. Her second skill enabled her to create the most memorable characters.

Quick attack Attack on the enemy. A penalty of 60% is imposed for 2 turns when there is a chance of the enemy winning by 45%.
Bastionof faith – imposes on all allies bonus protection and counterattack for 2 turns.

  • Attack on all enemies. For 2 turns, 50% of the fines will be levied. Provokes on one turn. This penalty cannot be blocked.
  • Aura increases defense of allies during all battles by 33%
  • Valkyrie is part of the Barbarians faction. Class – Protection, element–Spirit. The Reverend provides a great bonus to the team.
  • Diminution- Attacks the enemy two times. If bonuses are available, each hit will reduce the speed of the target by 10%.
  • Stronghold: Attack on all enemies Allies are given a shield for 3 turns, and a counterattack to 2 turns. The hero’s defense is what determines the power of the Shield as well as the damage done to enemies.
  • Jealousy – Fills its speed scale each time opponents impose an additional 10%. Each time an opponent receives a bonus, it reduces their speed by 10%.
  • BigUn – This hero will assist in all activities and is good in the Arena. A 100% chance of critical injury is recommended. Belongs the Ogrin Tribe. Class – Attack, element-Magic. Skill:
  • Dissection- Attacks the enemy with a critical strike, and then attacks the enemy again.
  • A sharp jerk – a massive attack. A Stun for 1 turn is imposed with a 30% chance. For 2 turns, the penalty of accuracy is 50% with a 50% probability.
  • Liquid Magma – Attacks all enemies twice. Speed scale reduced by 25% A penalty rate of 30% is imposed for 2 turns.
  • Aura Increases accuracy by 90% for allies in Dungeons
  • Drakomorf belongs to the Lizardmen faction. Class – Attack, element – Magic. Due to his 1 skill, he inflicts enormous damage.
  • Increasing pain attacking the enemy. The enemy who dies takes an additional 3x damage and the extra damage is transferred to another target.
  • The Poisonous Fang – Attacks random targets 3 times. Poison can put 5% on two turns with a chance of 75%
  • Evil Eye Imposes Weakness, Fine Defense of 30% for 2 Turns
  • It is recommended that Hero fully dress for the Attack.

Prince Kaymer is a member of the Demons faction. Class – Support, element-Magic. Skill:

  • Phantom fire – massive attack. Critical strike inflicts poison 5% for one turn.
  • This is a huge attack. All enemies must be imposed Sleep for one turn
  • Magical Seal Recharge all skills of allies. The speed scale for the entire team (except you) is filled by 20%.
  • Aura increases the speed of allies within the Arena by 30%
  • It is recommended that heroes have the ability to strike critical strikes and be accurate.

Lord Shazar belongs to the Demons faction. Class – Attack, element-Spirit. The more heroes you have, the better. Any activity is possible. Skill:

  • Beach- Attacks the enemy three times. Each penalty dealt to an enemy does 15% more damage.
  • Eternal Rage: Imposes a Bonus Attack on itsself 50% for 2 turns. This bonus can’t be removed. Plus, he imposes a block on himself for 2 moves and then walks again.
  • Fortune turn is a major attack. It has a 75% probability and imposes 2 bombs which explode after 2 turns. One turn critical strike bomb
  • Aura increases the speed of allies within the Arena by 32%
  • You should consider additional parameters when collecting equipment for a hero. This will increase your chances of a critical hit.

RAID: Shadow Legends Guide to Hero Talents

Talents can enhance the character’s basic traits or provide new capabilities or parameters. These skills can be refined and are not considered to be basic. There are three types of talent development.

  • Attack.
  • Protection
  • Support

While you can open up to 2 branches from three, some players have only the ability to open one branch. All heroes have the same three talent branches but must choose one.

Before choosing the talent of your character, it is important to review each talent and choose those that you think are appropriate for the hero. Some talents are not needed by champions, but they will be required by others. The class of characters is affected by the choice of learning talents.

Labyrinth of the Minotaur

Scrolls that are mined underground in the Underground Minotaur Labinth are used to pump talent over. Labyrinth is open daily. The player can only complete 2 stories when they enter the maze. You can unlock adventures in turns, so you will immediately be able to get more powerful scrolls once the stories have been opened. Scrolls are for heroes who defeat the boss.

Boss. Minotaur possesses 2 active and 1 passive skills:

  • Tremor attacks the entire team. Double damage for heroes who are hung by the Corruption.
  • Baney Chad – Mass Attack. Inflicts Corruption on 5 moves to a random target. This penalty cannot be reflected.
  • Brutal Rage – Gets Bonus Frenzy for 3 turns in the Battle. The Minotaur does 400% damage when Frenzy is active. The Minotaur gets Distemper for 1 turn if Frenzy stops being active. This deals 200% more damage. These bonuses cannot be removed.
  • Two assistants are assigned to the boss, each doing a single hit on the target. Each new story increases the damage. Scrolls can fall in any order.

To remove scrolls from a particular character, one should go to the Labyrinth by themselves.

Tactics: The boss cannot be protected against various poisons, fines, and other adverse effects. It is recommended that heroes with the ability to impose penalties be chosen. These are not the places for special tactics. You can either quickly defeat the boss, or provide protection.