Recent legislation in the United States that allows medical marijuana use and makes it legal to possess small amounts of it has led to a dramatic increase in marijuana use. With marijuana users in the millions, it is actually the most popular drug in America. Monitoring the Future Survey recently concluded that marijuana use had overtaken the use of tobacco by teens. The use of marijuana has been promoted on TV and in movies. There seems to be a general belief that it is harmless.

But, not many people will admit that marijuana can be addictive and pose serious health risks if it is used long-term.

You are mistaken if you believe that marijuana addiction is possible. The evidence to support this is clinical in nature as the most important areas of the human brain all have cannabinol receptors that bind with the active ingredient in marijuana- THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC and other less potent cannabinols are able to bind to these receptors, causing the brain’s release of dopamine. This substance is responsible for euphoric highs and pain relief. This means that marijuana’s effects are a result of a neurological process the brain will try to repeat over and over again.

Dopamine is released when marijuana users use it. This makes the experience more pleasurable and stimulates the brain’s ability to notice the context. This activates the reward centre, which will automatically seek to recreate the experience that gave rise to the “high”. This means that associations are formed along neurologic pathways in the brain that only “serve” drug-related effects. These neurological pathways eventually overwhelm users with the urge to online dispensary canada continue using marijuana until they are unable to stop. This is addiction at its most, and it can be applied categorically for marijuana.

The problem with addiction and marijuana is that most people don’t see it, or are blinded by their addiction.

Because the effects of long-term, chronic marijuana use aren’t easily noticed, it is possible for addiction to marijuana to go untreated for years, if not decades. Smoking marijuana can have serious consequences for your health. A person who is addicted to any substance increases their chances of becoming addicted to another.

It can be difficult for someone to quit using marijuana because of its addictive nature. Because of all the familiar associations that marijuana has with people, places, and songs, it can be difficult for someone to stop using it. This is a clear indication that marijuana addiction is a real problem.

There is hope for people who depend on marijuana. There are many treatment options available, including residential, outpatient, and day/night programs that treat marijuana addiction at an intensive, fundamental level. You won’t be capable of overcoming your addiction if you don’t seek help.