The most popular social network is instagram.

The image social network has helped model careers and built large customer bases.

As a side project, Nathan Chan started Foundr Magazine as Foundr Magazine .

Twelve months later, he had a following of more than 500,000 Instagram users.

This number has risen to more than 1.8 million in August 2019, and has resulted in more than 250,000 email customers.

Foundr became a respected magazine for serious entrepreneurs.

Nathan joined us for a discussion about his Instagram strategy.

We were given his 5-step strategy to increase Instagram followers by he. We’ll discuss it below. We’ll then share some of the lessons we have learned through our research.

Let’s get started.

1. Utilize your bio

Set up your account, and create a bio.

It’s important to use your bio link correctly. is the only clickable link on Instagram.

Although it may seem tempting to direct Instagram users directly to your homepage, you could be missing opportunities to collect information and build lasting relationships.

Create a landing page and offer it to your Instagram users.

You could get a free ebook or a video they will love. Or, you could subscribe to your newsletter.

You could also get a 10% discount on your most-seller product.

You’re now using Instagram to increase conversions.

Foundr updates its bio link frequently, but with the same goal: to join its email list .

After optimizing your bio link, you can start posting.

2. Have a solid content strategy

You need to be able to plan your Instagram posts.

Foundr provides some guidelines for content creation

These ideas can be used in your content.

Be consistent;

Create a theme for the account;
The aesthetic is everything;
Video ( This is the type content that gets the most engagement on Instagram).

Be consistent

Post often and keep your message consistent. Foundr missed only one day of posting to Instagram in 18 months.

That fact is something they are proud of.

Nathan describes Instagram’s snowball effect as a snowball effect.

” You can grow faster if you post more.

He posts six to eight times per day and responds to comments.

You will receive a high rate of engagement as a reward.

They often get over 30,000 views and are shared across the social media platforms. This kind of marketing is extremely effective.

It is very hands-on. Instagram is different from other social networks. You must send Instagram posts manually.

It’s not possible to schedule Instagram updates.

Create a theme for the account

It is important that companies are consistent with their messages.

No matter what industry you are in, your account must reflect the interests of your target audience.

Nathan says that your theme should reflect the aspirations of your customers.

Foundr magazine is for young entrepreneurs.

They consider engaging content quotes and motivational images that ” evoke some form of emotion “. They share ideas from well-known businesspeople and quotes from television and film characters to get a response.

The aesthetic is everything

Instagram can be used as a visual platform.

Attractive content is key to getting noticed. Accounts with the best results have consistent topics and a clear color scheme.

What if you can’t take great photographs? Annie Leibovitz is not for everyone.

Foundr doesn’t have a full-time designer on staff so they only use original photos.

They instead use tools such as Wordswag and Phonto to create quotes images.

These tools make it simple to create the content Instagram users love. You can quickly turn text into images by simply adding a little text to your mouse.

Use video

Nathan strongly recommends getting into videomarketing.

Video accounted for 55% of mobile traffic during 2015 An increase that will reach 75% in 2020.

Foundr uses video marketing to promote other content (that isn’t on Instagram).

You can also find inspirational clips from movies and fun animations on their site. They have more variety and an interesting feed.

The next step is to take a more personal approach when communicating with Instagram.

3. Don’t do things that aren’t feasible for scale

Keep your account growing

Personal touch is important, especially when you are just starting out. Here are some examples:

To see what people are talking about, explore hashtags
Get in touch with other users with comments
To let people know who you are, use your name in comments
Participate in conversations on competitor pages
Respond to all comments as your account is small.
Similar to this, Foundr has recently created a Snapchat account.

It’s still growing and Nathan responds personally to all messages. He said ” When you treat your community as gold, it will come back in droves .”

Nathan loves working with influencers. Outreach is not scaleable, even though there are many great tools that can automatically find influencers.

Build personal relationships. This means you need to send emails, contact social media VIPs directly and meet people face-to-face.

4. Use shoutouts

Nathan stated emphatically during the webinar: ” Building partnerships is critical to growing your brand”.

This holds true for social media where posts from important people can reach thousands of users. How do you build connections?

Get a shoutout for your money

Consider working with influencers if you have the funds.

Nathan shared this slide, which shows the rates of some Instagram influencers.

You can approach influencers directly. Make an outreach listing and make offers. Be ready to negotiate.

To act as intermediaries, there are agencies and apps everywhere.

Paying brands are paired with willing influencers based on relevancy. This service is offered by Tribe and The Shelf.

The app Influential allows you to create paid influencer campaigns directly from your smartphone.

Sending offers to social media influencers is a good idea. They will prepare a campaign and ask for approval.

Ask for a “share-for-share”

This is Nathan’s preferred method of working with influencers.

In exchange for sharing their content , offer to share the content of another Instagram user . This allows you to share your content with a new audience.

Be realistic when doing this.

Avoid approaching accounts with thousands of followers unless you have hundreds or thousands. You can work with other users who have similar or slightly greater followers to you to ensure you both get a fair deal.

5. Offer to give away stuff

You can use to attract influencers and sell products or services.

Nathan gave the example Morris Motley as an example. This is a high-end hairdressing studio for men in Melbourne.

In exchange for an Instagram photo, they offered Nick Wooster a haircut free of charge.

This is not a new concept.

Give something of value, whether it’s time, money, or shares – and you can add influencer marketing to.

6. Double down on Instagram Stories

As we mentioned, Stories are at the top of your followers’ feeds. However, good Stories can be found by users who are not following you yet.

Because location tags you use in Stories, as well as hashtags, can be used to search content.

Your Stories may end up appearing in the Explore section of the platform .

7. Avoid the shadowban

This is more of an “not to do” tip. Instagram maintains an updated list of banned hashtags in case you didn’t know.

Your post won’t show up in search results if you use any of these tags. This makes it extremely risky to use the same 30 tags repeatedly.

We also found that tags are not a great way of increasing engagement.

It is still a good idea to use targeted hashtags within your content.
However, they should be used sparingly (30 posts is just too much). Try to use tags that are relevant to your content.

8. Continue working on your Off-Insta game

This one is from Taylor Loren, of Later:

“I Instead of trying to find all the ways to hack the algorithm to optimize your content, spend some quality time trying to promote Instagram in other places.

Taylor is talking about old-fashioned PR work. Your brand name should be visible everywhere you can. Not just on Instagram.

Always say yes to being asked to interview for an article or provide a quote. Even if the publication is small, you have the potential to reach a larger audience and who might be reading.

Once you have taken the chance, be sure to mention your Instagram account. This is the secret!

9. You can host a few contests

Another one we didn’t discuss in the Masterclass is: Social media contests can be a great way for businesses to increase engagement, and gain new followers for their account.

It is simple to give prizes to people who share your site and invite others to join. This will bring you new followers and doesn’t need to cost much.

10. Make use of all Instagram features

This one is from our webinar with Later about killer Instagram hacks.

Taylor explained to us that Instagram recognizes accounts that use all features.

Yes, it is a smart little robot.

You need to use a variety of features to increase the number of people who see your content on their feeds.

This means Stories, Highlights and Carousel posts, which is basically all of the stuff we discussed above.

Your content will perform better in the algorithm if you have more variety.

That’s all! Ten easy steps to create a strong Instagram account. This guide will help you grow your Instagram following quickly.

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