Many Instagram profiles have recently experienced a decrease in the amount of likes and comments (total engagement) on their posts. We’re here to explain if what they’re dealing with is indeed a shadowban, as many people are unaware of what’s going on in this case.

Is there such a thing as a Shadowban?

Every Instagram user should be aware that to buy instagram followers algorithm is altered on a regular basis, which may have an impact on the performance of his or her profile, especially if they run a business account or one that appears to be one.

Instagram is attempting to eliminate spam, bots, and fraudulent accounts in general. It’s also tougher than it’s ever been when it comes to enforcing its rules and regulations.

But let’s be clear right off the bat: there is no such thing as a shadowban.

Shadowban is not a genuine phenomenon, according to Instagram representatives, but some user actions may be banned.

According to the text of this article:

According to Instagram staff, there is no such thing as too many hashtags or hiding user posts for too many activities. However, some acts, such as giving a large number of likes or following a large number of accounts in a short period of time, may result in your account being banned for a period of time. However, the goal is to eliminate spam and bots (as well as any other behaviors that resemble them) by banning accounts that engage in such behavior.

What does this mean for users and how will it affect them?

“Shadowban” indicates that your hashtags might not be functional, and as a result, your posts won’t show up in the hashtag stream for new people. One explanation is that some hashtags are no longer available because Instagram has blocked them (temporarily or permanently) for displaying improper content, being spammy, or being flagged as abusive.

Remember that even if you use a lot of hashtags in a post and only one of them is banned, your post will not be displayed under all of them.

And, most significantly, none of this is known to others (meaning, in most situations, you will not be told if you have done something illegal).

The decrease in comments and likes could be attributable to a variety of factors, including:

  • Using hashtags that aren’t allowed,
  • Using an excessive number of hashtags or hashtags that are overly popular
  • Using the same hashtags over and over (copy-paste under each post),
  • By employing bots,
  • Buying likes, comments, or followers.

What consumers and creators should keep in mind is that there is a lot of stuff on Instagram right now, and it’s only getting more. Despite the fact that people are glued to their phones and spend a ridiculous amount of time on Instagram each day, we still have a limit on the number of posts we can consume and connect with on a daily basis.

Also, because Instagram’s chronological order isn’t returning, and the algorithm determines which posts we should see first, we’d have to browse for hours to see the content from all of the accounts we follow. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to create engaging, fascinating, and entertaining material that your followers will want to like, comment on, and share. Because the algorithm prioritizes engaging material, there is little else you can do but develop appealing content.

So, how do you know if you’ve been “shadowbanned”?

In the vast majority of cases, you will be unaware of this because Instagram will not alert you if you have used forbidden hashtags, for example. (In this scenario, you can actually ask another user, preferably one who isn’t following you, to see if your post with a specific hashtag is visible in this hashtag feed.) However, you may have noticed that some of your account’s functionalities have been restricted, or that your reach and interaction have decreased.

As a result, it’s critical for users to familiarize themselves with Instagram’s laws and regulations, as well as keep up with the application’s latest upgrades and modifications.

You may also follow Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, on Instagram. He frequently does Q&As or Lives, so it’s a wonderful place to learn about Instagram.

What options do you have now?

If you believe your account may have been blocked, there are a few things you may do.

Avoid reiterating all of the preceding topics.

Quit your account for a few days — most users’ shadowbans last about 2-3 days, following which everything returns to its previous level of activity.

Switch to your personal account for a moment if you have a company account.

Make your own hashtag that is relevant to the content you’re sharing. It may not be widely used, but it will assure that you are not shadowbanned.

Remove some of your hashtags from the newly uploaded posts.

How can I avoid being shadowbanned again?

Focus primarily on avoiding:

Using blocked hashtags – these may change, so keep an eye on the ones that interest you, using more than 30 hashtags, and engaging in enormous activities – don’t like a lot of posts in a short period of time, and don’t unfollow (or hide) a lot of accounts all at once.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but there are some restrictions on how frequently you may perform certain actions on Instagram. You can provide up to 60 likes and 60 comments every hour starting in August 2021. You can do up to 120 actions each hour when it comes to following and unfollowing accounts. Keep in mind that these figures are subject to change.

Even if you go beyond these restrictions, your performance will not suffer. A pop-up window will appear, similar to the one below, and you will be unable to perform certain tasks on the platform for a period of time.

When you perform too many actions at once, a pop-up window appears.

To put it another way, act like a genuine person, not a bot.

Take your time to evaluate your work.

As you may be aware, your account is not affected by a shadowban if your posts do not appear under specified hashtags or if you are unable to engage in certain activities on Instagram. Most likely, you did anything against Instagram’s rules and regulations, used a banned hashtag, or were simply too active on the network for a long time.

If you’re not content with the quantity of likes, comments, or views on your Instagram stories, you should look into some basic numbers as well as some more in-depth metrics to monitor your account’s success.

Is the number of people who follow you growing steadily? Is it possible that your number of followers is dwindling? If you had a lot of new followers after each post and suddenly you don’t, it’s likely that the most recent content you contributed isn’t being found.

Let’s take it a step farther. What is the level of engagement under your posts and on your profile? Is it considerably lower now? If you answered yes, it’s possible you’ve been “shadowbanned.”

Sotrender’s user activities

In the case of impressions, the situation is similar:

The total number of impressions

…as well as reach.

If one of these two indicators has dropped significantly, you should review the content you’ve recently posted, particularly the hashtags you’ve used in your postings. You’ll almost certainly notice right away if you done anything that could be construed as questionable. Alternatively, you may have modified your Instagram marketing strategy.

Sotrender (where the figures above are from) and other social media analytical tools provide a wealth of additional information about your Instagram success. Data and metrics regarding your audience, content, and engagement should be tracked on a regular basis to determine which activities are functioning well and are worth your time and effort in the future.

The most effective methods

Be cautious if you’ve been blocked by Instagram. To reduce your chances of being penalized by Instagram again, follow some recommended practices.

Be yourself – don’t buy likes, comments, or followers, and don’t act in a way that could be interpreted as a bot.

Respond to DMs and comments, and like and comment on other people’s posts to engage with your community.

Be consistent so that Instagram’s algorithm can learn from your behaviors and forecast what you’ll do next.

Real interactions are what Instagram appreciates these days. You shouldn’t just utilize emoticons when commenting. It’s also a good idea to avoid copying and pasting comments or captions.

If you’re in doubt, do less but better.


Any of us could become a “Shadowban.” Simply remember to follow Instagram’s laws and restrictions, as well as stay up to date on the newest news regarding Instagram and other social media platforms, such as by checking Sotrender’s blog. Regularly monitor your performance, using Instagram likes numbers as a starting point, so you’re constantly prepared to respond.