Your sexy life can be infinitely more enjoyable with the help of sex toys. For some women, vibrators are necessary for orgasm. These products can seem intimidating to first-time users. However, they can be great tools for discovering new ways to have fun in the bedroom and exploring what sexual pleasures you.

Sex toys can be a great way for committed relationships to add excitement, novelty and passion. It doesn’t have to be awkward to introduce them your partner.

Sit down with your partner and create a “Yes/No/Maybe” list . These lists are discussed in our book . They can be used to help you discuss your boundaries in the bedroom. These lists cover every kind of sexual activity from the PG to X-rated. Each partner must fill out a separate list, listing what they want to do. If you answer “yes”, it means that you are absolutely interested in it. If you answer “no”, it is a hard limit. If you answer “maybe”, it means you would consider trying it. Compare your lists to find out what each of you are most interested in. These lists can be used to have productive conversations about new ways of being intimate, while also making clear what you are open to trying.

Singles will find sex toys a great way to discover more about yourself and what you enjoy in the bedroom. This will make it easier for you to tell your partner what you want the next time you have sex. Although movies portray great lovers as mind readers, the truth is that most people need guidance.

There are many options for toys, including sizes, colors, speeds, and even color choices. It’s important to decide what type of sex toys you want to try. Are you going to do it with a partner? What kind of stimulation do you prefer? Toys that promise external stimulation will target your clitoris while products for internal stimulation will hit your G-spot.

These are my top recommendations for beginner-friendly products.

The WeVibe Sync, Babeland’s most popular toy for couples, is a vibrator you can wear during sex. The C-shaped toy hits both the clitoris as well as the G-spot. There are multiple settings that allow you to adjust the pressure to maximize your pleasure. This toy is great for long-distance relationships. The vibrator can be controlled remotely by your partner via an app that connects to the device. It is a great way for you to stay connected.

I recommend the Crave Bullet if you are looking for something discreet and discrete to use while sexing with your partner. It is easy to hold and can seamlessly move between people. It is quiet and packs a lot of power considering its small size. It also comes in beautiful stainless steel and 24k gold.

The Heart vibrator, a wearable vibrater that can be used for external stimulation and is affordable, is a great option. You can customize it to go at up to ten speeds. Its heart shape is perfect for the body and has a lot of benefits.

What is the last nightstand essential you recommend? An Massage candle and personal oil. It melts into a warm oil and feels so luxurious on the skin. The difference between good sex and great is lube. Keep it handy.